Jax Taylor’s father dies after cancer battle

Jax Taylor‘s dad misplaced his battle with cancer.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star informed Page Six that his father, Ronald Cauchi, died on Wednesday by way of textual content message late Thursday night time simply as he shared the information on Twitter.

“My heart is broken,” he wrote. “I lost my best friend and the best man I have ever met last night, I love you so much dad I can’t even breathe anymore, only person not letting me fall right now is my amazing girlfriend. I love you dad.”

Taylor was in Kentucky taking a look at wedding venues together with his girlfriend of two years, Brittany Cartwright, on the time of his father’s dying.

An insider informed us earlier on Wednesday that Taylor, 38, distanced himself from his pals throughout his dad’s battle.

“Jax has been off the radar,” the insider advised us. “He’s been MIA for a long time.”

Taylor detailed his dad’s sickness to the Daily Dish earlier this month, saying: “It’s in his throat, his esophagus, so it’s rough. It’s rough, because my dad, he’s like my idol. My dad was always the person who never got sick, I always looked up to him.”

“My dad’s never been to the doctor in his entire life until now,” he stated within the sad video. “This is such a horrible disease. He doesn’t deserve this. He’s, like, the perfect man. He’s the perfect human being, never done a thing wrong in his life. So it just sucks. It just really sucks. I don’t really have anything to say about it. It’s a s—-y disease. It’s hurt our family. It’s hurt everybody. It just really sucks. During the holidays, it doesn’t make it any easier.”

“I can’t do anything,” he added. “That’s the worst part. There’s nothing I can do. There’s no amount of money I can spend. He’s [getting] the best treatment. We basically have to wait. It’s a waiting game. It sucks. And I love him to death. And I just want him to get better fast.”

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